Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Growing Kids

M is taking a ballet and tap class that she loves. She wants to be a mom-dance teacher-author illustrator- baker when she grows up. She still loves reading and is torn between reading the American Girl books and Harry Potter. She is really excited to turn 8 in January and to be baptized. She has a part in the cultural celebration for the Temple dedication and looking forward to that. She is a great big sister.

A has grown a lot this year. Last spring he learned to ride a two-wheeler and he started Kindergarten this fall. He loves to be outside (all the time). He fished for the first time this summer and every weekend he asks if we can go fishing. He still loves cars and has already designed his own pinewood derby car to use when he is 8 and in cub scouts. He is a very good friend and brother.

J is a little sweetheart. She has learned to talk really well and never stops. Her favorite things to do are read books, play dress up, take care of babies, and play with friends. She is loves to get into things, especially make-up and band-aids. She loves people and always has a hug for everyone.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


This spring we spent night and day digging out weeds, leveling and moving dirt to get our yard ready for sprinklers, sod and shrubs. It took us a long time but it turned out really nice.

We went from this . . .

To this . . . .

We also planted our first big vegetable garden this year.
Even though we planted late we had a surprisingly good harvest.

Friday, December 14, 2007

2007 in Review


This summer we took a 1,976 mile road trip. First stop was at Grandma & Grandpa's in Foresthill, CA where we went to the fair, Lake Clementine and just had a great time being together. The next week we drove through some extremely hot parts of California and made our way to St. George, Utah where it was hotter still. We met up with both of my sisters and their families and got to attend my nephew's wedding. It was so fun to be all together to visit and just enjoy each other. The kids had so much fun with their cousins and loved our hotel pool. They still insist that we go back to St. George so they can swim in that pool again.