Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Addition . . .

Meghan has wanted a kitten of her own for her entire life. After lots of persuasion, she talked us into getting one for her Birthday. We looked at 4 Paws pet adoption where they had about one hundred cats. Meghan saw one that she just fell in love with. She was white and gray and adorable. Meghan even said she would call her "Marshmellow". However, we soon found out that she was spoken for. Someone else was supposed to come pay for her the following weekend. Meghan just didn't like any of the other kittens as well. We decided to look at the animal shelter the next day (which was Meghan's Birthday). It turned out that the animal control officer was sick and so the shelter was closed for the day. We went home with a very disappointed girl. When Meghan told me that she had wished for Marshmellow when she blew out her Birthday candles I was afraid that she was going to be heartbroken if we didn't get her. We decided to try looking at the adoption center the following day to pick a different kitten. That following day I got a call that Marshmellow could be ours if we still wanted her. Meghan was ex static! We got her that night and we all fell in love with her. Meghan did decide that if she was a cat she wouldn't want to be called Marshmellow her whole life so she decided to keep the name the adoption center gave her, Paige. It has been so fun to see the kids interact with Paige. We are excited to have her as part of the family. (Our eleven year old cat, Madeline, was not so excited, but the idea is starting to grow on her).

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meghan Turns 10!

We had a wonderful Christmas season. Throughly enjoyed having my parents come to stay with us. It was so great to visit and relax. I'm so far behind on posting I will add Christmas pictures later.
This week Meghan celebrated her 10th Birthday. It's hard to believe that she is already ten! She is such a sweet girl and has always been a joy to have in our family. We love you, Meghan Rose!