Sunday, August 16, 2009


Our family is experiencing a period of denial. We keep saying, "No, summer can't be coming to an end. Please just a few more months." We have tried our hardest to cram in as much fun this summer as possible. Here's a slideshow of our crazy, yet wonderful days of summer vacation.


We visited Warm River, Mesa Falls, and Big Springs and found 6 geocaches (so the kids could get two treasures each). We ended the day with pizza at Craigos. Why can't every day be like today?

Discovery Center of Idaho

On our way back from Emmett, my cousin invited us to stop by in Boise at the Discovery Center. It is a hands-on science museum and it was so fun! The exhibits were wonderful and the kids loved experimenting with it all.

Afterward we had a picnic lunch in the park. Thanks to my cousin Rebecca for the great day!

Trip to Emmett, ID

At the beginning of August we took a trip up to visit my grandparents in Emmett. My parents went too and we had a great time visiting with everyone. We got to see a lot of my Mom's side of the family and it was so nice to catch up. We had a fun family gathering at Eagle Island, where we got to swim, visit and have homemade rootbeer floats (I wish I wouldn't have forgotten my camera). It was so great to see everyone!
The kids were so excited to stay on a real farm. Grandpa's Farm

John getting aquainted with the cows

Kids with an old tractor

With Great Grandma & Grandpa Prescott

Playing Bocce with Mom & Dad