Sunday, July 26, 2009

Egin Lake - July 25th

We decided to go to Egin Lake this weekend to cool off. The water was perfect for the kids. We could walk across the entire thing. There was a lot of moss growing on the bottom. The water was surprisingly clear though. We had a great time swimming and had a nice shady spot to ourselves for most of the day. There were snails and lots of dragon flies to look at too. It was a nice day.

Happy 4th of July!!

I forgot to take my camera to the parade, but the kids enjoyed catching a bunch of candy and prizes there. That afternoon we broke out the badminton set and taught the kids to play. After a couple of hours we were very hot and tired so we took a brake and watched Gilligan's Island episodes. It was a nice, relaxing day. Much needed.

That night we watched our neighborhood fireworks and did some of our own.

Craters of the Moon

We went to Craters of the Moon with Kevin's family. Our group had 8 adults and 13 kids under 12. We got to climb volcanoes, explore caves and just have a good time together.

Julia's Preschool Parade

Julia finished up another semester of preschool. She absolutely loved it and even got comfortable enough to talk to her teachers this time around. Yes! This was a parade that they had with her class.

Airshow - Father's Day Weekend

Yes, we are still wearing jackets in these pictures taken on Father's Day weekend. The airshow was really fun. We watched it from a nearby park and the planes went right over our heads.

Pictures of Anthony & Johnny's Birthday