Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving Day. We had lots of delicious food, and fun just relaxing and visiting with K's parents. I have so many things to be thankful for this year. Family, friends, good health and so many blessings. This poem says it all.

Count My Blessings

I count my daily blessings, Lord,
And try to count them all.
But, it's like counting all the stars at night
Or the raindrops, when they fall.

For, my blessings are so many
And my troubles are so few ...
That the good always outweighs the bad;
Due to blessings, sent from You.

So, Father, please forgive me
If I fail to count the ways ...
As you have blessed my life immensely,
Through your love that never strays.

© 2001 by Vickie Lambdin

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Autumn Kids

I took this picture at the nature park in town. I looks like a nice day, but in reality the wind was really blowing. J has recently developed a fear of wind (babe, you live in the wrong place) and was in tears shortly after we arrived but I was able to snap a few pictures before the melt-down.


Does anyone else's significant other roll their eyes and groan any time the new "Twlight" movie is mentioned? K just thinks the whole vampire romance situation is ridiculous (which, when you say it out loud it does sound silly) but what really annoys him is that all these grown women love these teeny-bopper books. I told him that the books just give women what they want, romance. The fact that it involves fantasy creatures is beside the point. K's response to this argument was that in reality what women really want is not romance, but someone to let them take a Sunday afternoon nap and make them brownies. True, so true. Brownie recipe to follow . . . they were delicious.

Yes, we are still alive

I realized that I haven't updated my blog since August, but I can't even think about posting about all the things I've missed so I'm starting from today on. Jn has grown so much and is still a little joy. We have all had so much fun with him and the kids always say that they want him to stay a baby forever. I always said I wouldn't get lazy and not take pictures or write down milestones, but I've definately been guilty of that. I am enjoying each little, cute thing he does, though, even if I haven't documented it.