Sunday, April 20, 2008

An Afternoon at the Teton Flood Museum

After living in Rexburg for a year and a half we decided it was finally time to visit the town's one and only museum. It is housed in the basement of the old Rexburg Tabernacle and basically consists of some antiques from the early days of the town and a filmstrip of the flood that took out the city in 1976.

"History was written in the landscape of the surrounding communities by the scouring floodwaters of the Teton Dam on that fateful day, June 5, 1976. Much of the damage has been rectified but there are still tell-tale signs of the overwhelming devastation caused by the flood that can never be erased. A high water line marks the entrance to the museum indicating the level of flood water from the 80 billion gallons of water that came through Rexburg."

Our favorite part was the children's room. It is set up like an old school house classroom and they have new exhibits every month. April is dinosaur month, so the kids had a great time digging for fossils and doing dinosaur activities.

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Hello!!! It's me again! said...

Joshua will be jealous to see your pictures, you know he is a big dinosaur fanatic