Sunday, April 20, 2008

Anniversary Weekend

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary early this year. I figured I'd feel a little better at 7 months pregnant than I will at 8. The only requirements for where we wanted to go were: somewhere close and somewhere warm. We ended up going to Logan, Utah which is close and the 65 degrees felt really warm to us (kinda sad). It was nice to see that spring has arrived somewhere. The grass was green and all the bulbs were in bloom. We stayed at the Anniversary Inn which was really nice.

We spent most of our first day there rummaging through a huge used bookstore (one of our favorite pass-times) and walking around old town. That evening we got some Chinese food (I've been craving that) and ice cream (not a great diet weekend). The next day we explored Logan Canyon and then we headed home. It was a short trip, but really nice to get away.

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