Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meghan's Portraits


Squibb Family said...

I'm with you on the school portraits! I stopped doing them too....well, I made the mistake one more time this year. I thought to myself, "I suppose I should get Jonny's 1st grade pictures". I sure wish I wouldn't have. He looks like he's about to start crying. It's horrible. Our school always sends little proofs home and all 3 of my children's pictures were horrible. I feel so bad that these pictures end up in their annuals. They are THAT bad.

Yours on the other hand are great!!!!!! Great job!

Rachel said...

I'm with you! I didn't buy any boring gray-colored background school pictures this year either. I did do the family picture one, and they turned out awesome. These pictures that you took, however, are fabulous!! The pictures turned out great, and your kids are so so cute!

Jacilynn said...

Your kids are getting so big and just too cute!
Your pics are beautiful as always!